Smart WiFi

Upgrade to unbelievable

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Blast off with powerful, intelligent WiFi

Our Smart WiFi Mesh technology offers a stellar WiFi experience.* Using additional nodes, it creates a mesh of coverage throughout the home. And thanks to intelligent technology it automatically finds the most direct path to the internet, wherever you are. We’ve even made it incredibly simple to set up.

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Say goodbye to WiFi dead zones

The Mesh technology in our Smart WiFi uses powerful nodes to increase coverage and performance around your home.

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Choose the right Smart Wifi set up for you
All of our broadband products come with our powerful Linksys router which is Smart Wifi ready and you can also choose a package that includes additional nodes that enable Smart Wifi technology.
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WiFi Router

Every Gigaclear broadband package comes with a powerful Linksys router which is everything you need for up to a typical 2-bedroom home

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Smart WiFi

Enable Smart WiFi by adding one additional node, which provides coverage for up to a typical 3-bedroom home.

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Smart WiFi Plus

Give further WiFi coverage with Smart WiFi plus which includes two additional nodes; ideal for up to a typical 4-bedroom home.

Fast enough to keep everyone happy

With Gigaclear the whole family can game, stream, and surf, all at once. And our full fibre broadband will barely break a sweat. So everyone can enjoy the warm feeling of digital happiness.

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Simple for guests. And safe for kids.

The parental controls in our easy-to-use Linksys WiFi app mean kids can browse in safety, and guests can access with ease.

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Stream and game in vivid 4K

Our fast, reliable WiFi means an out-of-this-world entertainment experience wherever you are in the home.

Simple set up
Need support? Your engineer will be happy to help while they are installing your broadband.

Step 1

Download the Linksys app on your device


Step 2

Connect your smart phone to the WiFi


Step 3

Name your WiFi and create a password

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Step 4

Find a suitable spot for the node

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Setting Up

Smart WiFi

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Setting Up

Your Router

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