From only £3 a month

Our fibre comes straight into your property to deliver your phone service over the broadband connection.  This technology gives you great new features and call quality that’s out of this world.


Evenings and Weekends


a month

1 month rolling contract

Evenings and Weekends PLUS


a month

1 month rolling contract

Anytime PLUS


a month

1 month rolling contract

We do not recommend you purchase home phone if you are reliant on your landline due to disability or accessibility requirements and do not have alternative means to contact emergency services in the event of a power outage. Full details of call plans and out of plan phone call charges can be found in the Home Phone Charges Guide

Keep your current number

If you want to move your existing landline number to our Home Phone service, no problem. Just let us know when you order and we’ll take care of the rest.


Flexible service plans

All of our Home Phone plans are rolling monthly plans, so you aren't tied into a contract. Just add our Home Phone service to your broadband package, and if you need to switch call plans then no problem.


One simple monthly bill

Broadband and phone in a single, clear, straightforward monthly bill.

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How does it work?

Home Phone works by connecting your phone handset to our router via an adaptor.  It has no impact on the way you use the phone.  Then all of your calls will come through your full fibre broadband, rather than the old, outdated analogue network.


Crystal clear audio

Fill your home with, stunning, digital sound, all through your reliable full fibre broadband.

Top class features

Our Home Phone service comes with a host of features included as standard:

. Voicemail

. Call divert

. Caller display

. Premium call blocking

. International number blocking

. Block withheld numbers

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