Any speed ONLY

£17 a month

Even our fastest package! 

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Fastest ever speed. Lowest ever price.

We've gone Christmas crackers - enjoy any package for only £17 a month for 12 months

- even our Ultimate Hyperfast 900 package - only until 29th December 2022.

Superfast, Ultrafast or Hyperfast

All for only £17 a month
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Superfast 200

200 Mbps

avg upload/download speed †

Superfast 200

Superfast and super reliable.


Linksys Router
Smart WiFi Ready


a month *

for 12 months. From month 13, £40 a month 18-month minimum term

Ultrafast 600

600 Mbps

avg upload/download speed †

Ultrafast 600

A rapid package for more heavy-duty users.


Linksys Router
Smart WiFi Included


a month *

for 12 months. From month 13, £59 a month 18-month minimum term

Hyperfast 900

830 Mbps

avg upload/download speed †

Hyperfast 900

Unrivalled package – 16x faster than standard fibre


Linksys Router
Smart WiFi Included


a month*

for 12 months. From month 13, £79 a month 18-month minimum term


All our packages have free standard installation, no activation fees. These prices are applicable to new Gigaclear customers only.  Click here for full terms and conditions

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Giga-powered speeds

Download up to 16x faster and upload up to 77x faster than standard fibre - no sweat~


Multi-device happy

Enough horsepower for the family to game, stream and surf, all at once


Smart WiFi for complete coverage

No more searching for signals

Get Gigaclear
Rocket fuel for
Digitally Happy Homes

Explore all the benefits Gigaclear can bring to everything from entertainment to home working

Powerful WiFi
that doesn’t play hide and seek

Our high-end Smart WiFi router gives you a more powerful WiFi performance. Plus we offer Smart WiFi Mesh options for even better coverage.

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How much

faster is Gigaclear?

Gigaclear is up to 16x faster download and up to 77x faster upload than standard fibre.~

What does Full Fibre, Part Fibre & Copper mean?

Test your speed

Unsure as to how your current speeds compare to what full fibre can deliver? Our speed checker makes it quick and easy to find out your current broadband speed.

Home Phone is now Available

Great news, you can now add a Home Phone call plan to any of our broadband packages. Call plans start from only £3 a month and you can choose to keep your existing phone number. The service runs through the full fibre cables so you’ll have crystal clear audio at a brilliant price.

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Switching is easy

Pick a package

Choose from super, ultra or even hyperfast speeds


Pick an installation date

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Hassle-free connection

Our engineers will connect your home & set up your WiFi

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