Setup Smart WiFi

Increase WiFi coverage in your home and setup Smart WiFi by adding additional WiFi nodes.

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Adding Additional Nodes



Step 1

Plug the additional node into a power supply within 1 metre of your Linksys router.


Step 2

Wait until you see a purple LED light on top of the node. The Linksys app will now take you through the setup process and once complete, the app will search for your additional node automatically.


Step 3

When the additional node is found, the purple LED light on the unit will start to flash. Don’t move the mobile device or either node during this period.


Step 4

The additional node is now being connected to your Linksys router.

Step 5

Once connected, the LED light on the additional node should turn a steady blue.


Step 6

Unplug the additional node and move it to an open location roughly halfway between the Linksys router and where you’d like to improve your Wi-Fi signal.


Step 7

If you are unable to run the app for any reason you may instead use the five-button-press method to initiate your mesh:

  • Gather the nodes together within 1m of the main unit, power them all up.
  • Swiftly press the reset button on the primary node 5 times in a row. The lights will start changing as each node is then initialised.
  • Leave these for a few minutes until all nodes have achieved a steady blue. You may then relocate the additional nodes as you see fit.
Signal Issues

If the additional node is too far from the router to get a good signal, the LED light will change colour to amber or blinking red if there’s no signal at all.


Things to note


  • It may take some experimentation to find the best location for the additional node
  • Be mindful of things that could block or interrupt the radio signal of the WiFi such as mirrors, fish tanks, intercoms, appliances etc.
  • If this process fails it may be a good idea to power down all the equipment and start again
  • The app should guide you through so please do follow the onscreen guidance slowly
  • It may be worth trying a different node as the primary and going back through the set up

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