Customer Complaints Code


We want to deliver customer delight first time, every time.

If we haven’t, this guide will explain how to make a complaint and how we will work with you to put things right.

Sometimes you might need to contact us for everyday account and service queries. Below are some useful contacts for our teams who are happy to help you! 

All teams can be reached on 01865 591 131 For the most recent opening hours please visit

When things go wrong 


Gigaclear is a dynamic ISP provider, delivering ultrafast broadband to people in rural areas. Before we can deliver our broadband service to you, we must build the new gigabit communications network to your community. It would help us to deal with your query to know which of the following best describes you: 


(a) you are already a customer and need help with your broadband service, or 

(b) you have placed an order and are waiting for the service to be installed, or 

(c) you live in one of the communities where our network is either planned or being built. 


We refer to issues affecting people who fit into (a) and (b) as ‘Service Complaints’ and issues affecting people in category (c) as ‘Non-service Complaints’. 

When something goes wrong, we want to ensure we address and resolve any issues as soon as possible. 

We need to understand what has happened and will need you to provide us with information to get started. 


How to get in touch: 


  • Call our Customer Operations Team on 01865 591131 – please go to to find out when we’re available 
  • Email us – – we will acknowledge your email and give you a case reference number  
  • Write to us – FAO Customer Operations, Building One, Wyndyke Furlong, Abingdon, OX14 1UQ 


What we need from you: 

  • Your name 
  • Address 
  • Contact number 
  • Customer account number – starts with ‘c’ * 
  • An overview of what’s gone wrong – please give as much detail as possible including dates 

*If you don’t have a customer account number don’t worry – please provide us with your address and any other Gigaclear reference you may have 



How we will handle your complaint. 


As explained above, there are 2 different types of issue which we can help you to resolve: 

Service complaints – You are already a customer, and something has gone wrong with your live Gigaclear connection or you have another problem with your customer account; or you have placed an order and there is an issue with your installation. 

We aim to resolve all service complaints within 28 days of the case being opened. 

Non-service complaints – You are waiting for our network to be built to your community, or you have a general query regarding Gigaclear’s network build activity in your area. 

Our build process is reliant on many factors, some of which our outside of our direct control. We shall endeavour to resolve non-service complaints within 28 days however this may not always be possible. 


All complaints follow the below steps: 


Step 1 – We will acknowledge your complaint within 3 working days and get started on finding a solution 

Step 2 – If we can’t fix the problem straight away, we will investigate your issue with the people in Gigaclear who are best placed to help.  We will try to find a way to resolve your issue, if we can, as soon as possible.  Hopefully this won’t take long, but in more complex cases, we may need some time to work on a solution.  We will keep in touch with you throughout and once we have investigated, we will tell you how we propose to resolve your complaint. 

Step 3 – You can escalate any time, but we would appreciate the chance to make it better before you do.  If you feel that your issue has not been handled well or you don’t agree with the solution we propose, you can escalate your complaint to and our Executive Team will have another look 


When we might close your complaint

  • If we believe we have resolved your complaint and notified you but we have not heard from you within 28 days. 
  • If we are working to resolve your complaint and have not heard from you within 28 days. 
  • If your complaint is of a frivolous, rude, or vexatious nature. 
  • If you have a service complaint and have exhausted the above steps but remain unhappy. 

For complaints about your broadband service or where you have placed an order for our service you may engage the independent alternative dispute resolution scheme provided by the Ombudsman Services. They can only help residential and small business customers.   If your complaint is for a non-service issue or you employ more than 10 people, you cannot use their service. 


If you qualify, they will help you when: 


  • You have followed our complaints code of practice in full; and 
  • Your complaint has been ongoing for 8 weeks and no resolution has been agreed  


  • We have told you we cannot take your complaint any further and we have reached deadlock (which we confirm in a letter) 

Ombudsman Services can be found at   

Ombudsman Services: Communications, 

P.O. Box 730, Warrington, WA4 6WU 

Phone: 0330 440 1614 



Please note that we follow the Ofcom Approved Complaints Code (‘OACC’) when dealing with complaints from our customers. You can access the OACC here: 


Please Note: All complaints made to Gigaclear must follow the above steps. Please do be aware that should your case not have followed the initial path of our code of conductpractice, then it may be that you are guided back to the start.