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Linksys App Setup

Once your router is installed and your broadband service is activated, install and setup the Linksys router app.  This will allow you to set up additional routers to improve coverage (Smart WiFi) and use features such as Parental Controls and Guest WiFi.  

See the Home Broadband Guide for further guidance.

1. Download App: Download the Linksys app at App stores on your phone (Play on Android - requires Android 9.0 and later, App Store on Apple - requires iOS 14.1 or later)

2. Turn on Bluetooth: Ensure it is switched on in your mobile device.

3. Connect to the new router’s WiFi: Make sure the LED light on top of the Linksys router is solid blue and connect to the WiFi using the WiFi password written on a label on the base of the router

4. Open the app: If at this point you are prompted to turn on any permissions (e.g. Allow Network access or Bluetooth) to enable the setup process, please enable them.

5. Depending on your mobile device:

a. iOS: Select “manage your WiFi” at bottom of page.

a. Android:Select “Log in” (under “Already using Linksys product?”)

6. Select sign-in method: Select the option to sign in with the “Router Password” However, do not enter the router password.

Instead, select the option to “Reset Password”.

7. Enter recovery key: You can find the 5–digit recovery key on the label on the base of the router, under the password (see example below).

8. Create new password: Once the recovery key is inputted the app will ask you to create a new password. Follow the Linksys password parameters and create a new password (Note: this will not change the Wi-Fi password)

9. Access your network on the app: Once this has been done, the app will take a few moments to get the ‘router settings’. Once this process is complete, the app will display the home screen and you can view your network.

If you have any Smart WiFi nodes, see pages 10-11 of the Home Broadband Guide.