Terms and Conditions: July 2024

1. Advertised prices only applicable to new Gigaclear customers placing orders for a residential package.  For selected properties with a ready for service connection point only or non-live Gigaclear properties within a Gigaclear selected pre-order build area.      
2. All offers are subject to the Residential Customer Terms and Conditions at gigaclear.com/terms and the Smart WiFi Services Terms at gigaclear.com/smart-wifi-terms

3. After the promotional period 1st June – 31st July 2024 the 900Mbps package priced at £29 a month will not be available to order and will revert to £49/month.

4. After the 31st July 2024 the 400Mbps package priced at £20/month will not be available to order.

5. After the 18-month minimum term period, the price per month will revert to the list price advertised for existing customers at that point in time. As at today that list price is 200Mbps package at £41.50 per month, 400Mbps package at £51 a month and 900Mbps package at £82 a month.   
6. Existing Gigaclear customers who are currently within their minimum term and would like to upgrade to any of these packages will be charged the following prices 200Mbps package at £41.50 per month, 400Mbps package at £51 a month and 900Mbps package at £82 a month.     

7. Prices, content and terms may change during your contract, see Terms & Conditions for details: https://gigaclear.com/terms 
8. All prices are inclusive of VAT where applicable.     
9. All broadband packages include free standard installation and activation.      
10. If you do not qualify for free standard installation, you will be liable for the quoted installation charge for a non-standard installation. Please visit gigaclear.com/installations for more details.      
11. Average speeds listed, achievable by at least 50% of users on a wired connection at peak times. WiFi speeds may vary.      
12. Smart WiFi requires 1 x Gigaclear powered by Linksys router and 1 x additional node. For more information see gigaclear.com/smart-wifi.      
13. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offer.      
14. If for any reason any element of this offer is not available, Gigaclear reserves the right, at its sole discretion to substitute another offer for it, of equal or greater value.