Directors’ s172 Statement for financial year ending 31st December 2020


The directors have a duty to promote the success of the company for the benefit of the members as a whole but this duty must take into account the wider context in which the company operates: its stakeholders, its market and regulatory framework and the balance of interests between members.  Decision making must also reflect a long-term view of the success of the Company.


The directors consider the Company’s stakeholders to be the Company’s shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, regulators and government partners and the wider public in the communities where the Company builds and operates. 


The directors endeavour to have the interest of all these groups in mind whilst recognising that some decisions may affect one group more than others.  The Board is comprised of representatives of the Company which ensures that all shareholder groups are represented.  Monthly business performance review meetings facilitate information sharing and strategic decision making, together with quarterly Board meetings.  Where appropriate, direct engagement with stakeholders is used to inform the board, such as the regular employee engagement surveys and the net promoter score surveys done for both customers and employees.  Engagement with the wider supply chain has been a key priority in 2020 in the consultation leading up to the launch of the new NEC4 build contracts and the ongoing development of the health and safety strategy. 


Engagement with both central and local government is a constant focus for the Company, as a result of its participation in the rollout of the Superfast broadband scheme and in the wider consultation exercises for the ongoing rollout of gigabit capable broadband.  The Company also maintains a close relationship with Ofcom which has increased in frequency during 2020 given the strategic importance of communications providers during the pandemic. 


The directors have an ongoing focus on health and safety, with the interests of the Company’s employees, suppliers and the wider public at the heart of the issue.  Health & safety reporting is a standing agenda item at each board meeting and the directors have challenged and endorsed the Company’s health & safety strategy and will continue to monitor performance in this area closely.


The directors continue to encourage the development of the Company’s ESG agenda, with a particular focus on the Company’s environmental impact, diversity in the workplace and the importance of keeping information and personal data secure and well-managed.  At the heart of the ESG programme is the need to understand and respond to the needs of stakeholders and the Company’s position in the wider economy. 


The directors believe in the highest standards of business ethics and will seek to ensure that these standards inform all the Company’s decision making for the benefit of all stakeholders.