Early Termination Charges


When you signed up for your residential Broadband services with us, you did this for a minimum term. The length of the minimum term is shown on your Order Confirmation, starting from your Activation Date. This is the length of time that you committed to retaining and paying for your service. If you decide to end your services with us during your minimum term period, Early Termination Charges may apply. This is because you will be ending your contract with us early. 

How much is my Early Termination Charge?

The Early Termination Charges will not be more than the charges you would have paid for the services for the remainder of the minimum term period and will be less any costs we save because we’re no longer providing you with your service, such as wholesale costs.


How much will be charged will depend on:

  • The service you signed up for;
  • How much you pay for this; and
  • What remains of your minimum term period.

Early Termination Charges apply after 1 months’ notice has been provided by you. So, for example, if you wish to cancel with 6 months of your minimum term remaining, you will need to provide us with 1 months’ notice, during which you will retain (and continue to pay for) your services after which you will pay Early Termination Charges equivalent to the remaining 5 months, less applicable discounts and costs we have saved.


How do we calculate Early Termination Charges?


We take the standard monthly charge for the broadband service you have, then:

  1. Deduct any recurring monthly discount to which you are entitled;
  2. Reduce the charge to take account of any applicable business and wholesale costs we save because we’re no longer providing you with your service;*
  3. We multiply this figure by the remaining months of your minimum term; and
  4. Finally, we apply a 4% discount for accelerated receipt of payment to get the final charge you owe us – this discount reflects the fact we receive an early one lump sum payment, rather than a staggered payment made over the length of your service period;


Please note: we may, in addition, charge a one-off cancellation fee of £30 as part of any Early Termination Charge to reflect the reasonable cost to us of processing the early termination of your contract.

If you decide to end your services with us, you’ll need to speak to us and we’ll walk you through all of your options and if Early Termination Charges apply we’ll let you know the cost.

*The cost to us of providing your service may vary from time to time.