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of your community

Your favourite community building could benefit from a free ultrafast full fibre broadband connection, and we welcome applications from village halls, community centre, youth centres and sports clubs. 
On this page you will find answers to our frequently answered questions a link to our online application form and testimonials and news about our community hub scheme. 


How much does it cost the parish council / community?
How does the renewal process work?
What happens if Gigaclear does not extend the 12-month contract?
What service will we receive?
Why does Gigaclear provide a free connection?
What locations can be considered for free connections?
How many free connections do you provide per community?
How do we apply?
How long does it take Gigaclear to install the village hub service?
What does Gigaclear expect in return?
Do you have examples of how other communities have used your free service?
How long has Gigaclear been providing free connections to communities?
How long does the free service period last?
When is the commitment made to Gigaclear to take the free service?
When will I receive a response to my application?
I have more questions about the community hub scheme, how do I contact Gigaclear?


Read about how communities are already benefitting from the community hub scheme.

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Connected Britain Awards Finalist

We are a proud finalist of the Connected Britain Awards for our Community Hub Scheme!

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