Your Community's FAQs
How long does it take to roll out the network?
Will Gigaclear liaise with the local community regarding the network build?
When will I be able to get Gigaclear Broadband?
Will the community be reinstated to a specific standard?
What can cause network build dates to change?
Where can I find the details of the planned roadworks and closures?
When will my connection point be ready for service?
Your build is causing access issues, who should I contact?
How long will the road in my community be closed for?
How do you gain access to connect my property if I live on a private road?
How do you decide where the cabinet will be located?
Can my connection point be placed in a different position?
Is the equipment for the build meant to be left on site?
Why was I not made aware of the Gigaclear work in my community?
I am concerned that you have built on my property, who can I discuss this with?
I believe damage has been caused to my property, who should I contact?
Your build will clash with a local event, who should I contact?
How can I arrange in-home installation?