Beyond Bitesize, What Else is Online to Help with GCSE and A Level Revision?

12 Dec 2018


Exam time can be very stressful. Even if you’re more than adequately prepared, there’s always bound to be those pre-exam nerves and mind blank moments. It’s natural and happens to everybody, so don’t get yourself all worked up.


It can be tricky to motivate yourself to revise for a subject that you don’t particularly enjoy. Which is why BBC Bitesize is great as it makes revision almost bearable and, dare we say it, fun? But what else is there online other than Bitesize to help you? Well, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite and most effective ways to revise and ensure you get the grades you want.


You may want to try:

  • Other Revision Sites
  • YouTube Channels
  • TED talks
  • Open-Source Learning Systems
  • Educational TV Channels and Websites



Other Revision Sites


Gojimo Revision is used by one in three GCSE and A Level students. The popular website and app is free and is determined to help you pass those all important exams. It provides information on 28 GCSE and 20 A Level subjects, granting access to over 40,000 practice questions for free.


You can download quizzes for offline use, track your progress with your strengths and weaknesses, plus, check off each topic as you go so that you’ll never lose track of where you are, so you can pick it up where you left off anytime. The app also has a feature that gives students access to articles that prepare them for further education or life after education. is a subscription based mathematics website which provides the full learning experience for students of all ages up to A Level and of different ability levels too. It can be accessed whenever you choose, whether that be in school or at home, so you never lose out on crucial Maths revision time. It mixes the lessons up with interactive games too, keeping the learning entertaining and appealing.


Brainpop is a popular educational website for students from nursery age all the way to A Levels. With over 1000 short movies, English, Maths and Science are made fun and really simple. Along with animated movies, the website includes playful assessments and trivial games to exercise all the different learning styles.



YouTube Channels


Mr Bruff is perfect for GCSE English Language and Literature. The channel has over 300 videos uploaded which have been viewed over two million times across 198 nations. Not only is his channel massively popular, his revision guide eBook is a number one best seller and his iTunes podcasts have listeners from all around the world.


Maths 320 is the perfect revision channel to help you with your GCSE and A Level Maths. The channel contains a collection of teaching and tutorial videos along with dissections of past exam papers. Looking at past papers is really handy to see what kind of questions are likely to be thrown up in your exam.


Mr I Explains helps high school and college students learn the trickier topics in science. Rather than have videos focused on more broad subjects, the channel breaks it down and separates Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Stats which makes it much easier to find the videos you need for the specific topic area you need to work on.



TED Talks


Motivating yourself to start your revision can be half the task in itself, usually once you get going that’s the hard bit done. TED talks are the perfect motivational tool to help you focus your mind and feel inspired.


Not only are they a brilliant motivational tool, they can also help ease the mind and calm your mindset. Exam period is a daunting time for any student. The pressure of needing to do well to get into your preferred college/university can get the better of people and can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.


Don’t worry, this is completely natural.


We’ve handpicked three inspirational TED talks that will definitely help you refocus your mind and lift those pre-exam worries.



Online School and College Systems


Most schools and colleges will have these. For example, Moodle is commonly used throughout the UK to aid learning. Your tutor will no doubt post presentation notes up on these systems, so don’t shy away from referring back to these when it comes to your revision.


Assignments are also submitted on these systems and feedback is given to you too. There’s nothing stopping you from going into these previous assignments and seeing what you did well and what needed a little more work. This will help when it comes to your strengths and weaknesses when looking at what needs more revision.



Educational TV Channels and Websites


The History Channel, PBS, Yesterday, BBC 4 and National Geographic are brilliant for constantly learning something new or even recapping events from a different angle. The TV programmes are always super informative and no detail is spared.


Their feature articles online are brilliant too and the many different writers each have their own unique style. History Channel and National Geographic’s both have a cool “On This Day” feature and you can see what happened in the past on a particular day of the year. Both the websites and TV channels are perfect for those revising and wanting to learn more about history and geography.



Work Smarter and Revise Easier with Better Internet


There’s no better excuse for not revising than the internet being too slow or down completely. To be as productive as possible you’re going to need ultrafast broadband and a connection you can truly rely on.