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Best YouTube Channels for Early Learning

17 Dec 2018


Whether it’s videos on how to plaster a wall or how to use a certain new gadget, it’s all available on YouTube. And one rising star of YouTube is the vast amount of amazing channels for early learning. We’ve handpicked a few of our favourites for different age ranges.


Best Channels for Newborn Babies


Yes, the thought of a newborn baby sat in front of an iPad or computer learning is a little ridiculous at first, isn’t it? Well you’ll be surprised to know it’s actually more common than you think and is a great way for your baby to start recognising common shapes and sounds.


We recommend the YouTube channel Loving 2 Learn for the best videos for your newborns. The videos consist of black and white pictures that are specifically created for a child at one month when the baby starts to concentrate on close objects. It helps improve vision and imagination at such an early age.



Best Channels for Toddlers


Toddler Fun Learning does exactly that. Provides fun ways for your toddlers to learn how to count from one to 10 with fun loving animals in there too for them to recognise. Other videos include helping them to learn the alphabet and matching different colours.


What makes this channel so great is that the commentary is so clear, friendly and easy to understand. And it’s never, ever boring. They also have longer extended videos that last for longer than an hour. Perfect for afternoons of fun learning for your children and some well needed quiet time for mums and dads. Winner.


Fairy Tales and Stories for Kids portray the best and most popular classic fairy tales in a modern way. The videos are subtitled and encourage your toddler to read along, hopefully helping them to start to learn to read. It’s also perfect for those classic bedtime stories that comfort your children before they drift off at night.



Best Channels for Infants


During the summer holidays and even weekends it can be tricky to think of new things to keep your children entertained. So, what better than for them to try something different? CharlisCraftyKitchen will have your infant children in the kitchen teaching them something new and leaving them wanting to get stuck into baking up sweet treats. An activity for both the kids and the parents to do together and spend some time with one another having fun.


Cool School introduces children to further reading, different languages, art classes and more but with a cool twist. Children will often prefer to spend their weekends playing out than learning. But Cool School’s classes make learning fun and enjoyable so kids will be more than happy to join in.



Best Channels for Juniors


Free School is a safe and friendly way to introduce your children to famous art, classical music, children’s literature and natural science in an age appropriate way. The videos on this channel are educational, enriching and entertaining. What more could you want?


Crash Course Kids is another channel that introduces your kids to cool science. Your children will learn about all the interesting facts around earth, natural habitats, space, chemical reactions and even engineering. A brilliant way to get your kids into the exciting sides of science whilst keeping them entertained at the same time.



Better Broadband to Bolster Early Learning


It’s after school and it’s raining, meaning that the children can’t go and play out. They’re fed up and need something new and exciting to keep them entertained until dinner’s ready. Why not try something a little different and stick on the above fun yet educational YouTube channels?


You’re going to need a fast internet connection to keep the videos playing all afternoon, avoid the dreaded buffering circle of doom and keep the kids happy. Luckily for you, Gigaclear have your back. We supply ultrafast broadband to rural areas, leaving you with a connection you can always rely on.