Discover Our Top 10 Gadgets for 2023

21 Feb 2023

Displace TV (1).jpg

Each year, the tech world descends on the Las Vegas strip to show off its latest innovations. Now that the dust has settled following a hugely successful Consumer Electronics Show, we present to you the Top 10 gadgets everyone will be talking about this year! 


The Consumer Electronics Show is the place to be if you want to find out what new inventions could be set to revolutionise the world, what trends will be dominating the headlines for the next year, and most importantly, what cool gadgets you’ll want to be finding under the Christmas tree in December. We were there on the ground to find the best new gadgets coming your way soon. 



Lenovo Yoga Book 9i 


2 Lenovo Yogabook.png
This dual-screen laptop could revolutionise portable computing thanks to its versatility. Its dual 13-inch OLED touchscreens look brilliant, and you can use them to create one long display or run two different apps simultaneously. 
Release: June 2023
Price: £2,000



LG MoodUp Refrigerator

3 LG MoodUP Refrigarator.png

If you feel your kitchen needs more of a party vibe, this is the fridge for you. You can manually change the colours of the fridge, or they will sync to the music that comes out of its Bluetooth speaker. It also makes craft ice balls for some funky cocktails.
Release: April 2023
Price: TBC


Withings U-Scan

4 Withings U Scan.png
Withings has made a name for itself with smart scales, blood pressure sensors and watches. Its newest product goes in the toilet and takes urine readings to measure vitals or menstrual health. It’s even smart enough to know who’s peeing on it, with individual profiles for family members.
Release: Q2 2023
Price: £400


Ring Car Cam


5 Ring Car Cam.png
The Amazon-owned company already makes loads of security cameras for your home, now there’s one for your car. It records inside the car and the road ahead, and automatically recognises incidents and uploads them to the cloud. Its dashboard installation should also make it easy to set up.
Release: February 2023
Price: £200




6 L'Oreal HAPTA.png
Accessibility was a real theme at CES this year, and L'Oréal’s lipstick application device was particularly noteworthy. Those who struggle with traditional makeup application due to motor skills can use this device, which works like a gimble to keep a lipstick steady for application.
Release: 2024
Price: £150



Displace TV 


7 Displace TV.png
There were loads of new OLEDs from Samsung, LG and Sony, but we liked this one because it’s completely wire-free. It uses batteries for power, can be wall-mounted in minutes, and you can combine multiple 55-inch panels to make one big super screen. As long as you have the wall space, of course. 
Release: December 2023
Price: £2,500


Sony PlayStation VR2


8 Sony Playstation VR.png
It may be expensive at £530, but Sony’s headset is nearly here, and we played it at CES. The headset is fantastic from a technology perspective with OLED HDR panels, high-resolution screens and eye tracking, but it's all about the games, and launch title Horizon Call of the Mountain was breathtaking.
Release: Just Released
Price: £530


Samsung Microplastic Reduction Washing Machine


9 Washing Machine.png
Samsung has worked with Patagonia to introduce a microfiber filter which will be in its new 2023 washing machines, but which can also be bought separately. It says it will reduce microplastic emissions from your clothes into the water stream by up to 54%, which will help solve a major ongoing environmental issue for us all.
Release: Summer 2023
Price: TBC


Sony Project Leonardo


10 Sony Project Leonadro.png
Another great accessibility innovation is Sony’s new game controller, which allows those who struggle with traditional gamepads to play their favourite games. Players with limited motor control can remap and swap buttons and plug in other accessibility kits that suit their style of play.

Release: TBC
Price: TBC


BMW I Vision Dee


1 BMW I Vision.png

BMW’s car uses e-ink to allow you to change the colour of your car every time you drive it – even mid-drive if you so desire. There are 32 different colours to choose from, with an app that lets you control how the car looks.
Release: 2025
Price: TBC