Connecting communities

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Our process on connecting communities

A lot goes into bringing full fibre broadband to rural communities and keeping you and your neighbours informed throughout the process is one of our top priorities. Here are the key stages involved in delivering your network.


1. Planning

We look for areas that have little to no broadband service within or near to our current network.


2. Design

We design our network by conducting an initial analysis of the landscape, looking at how many properties can be included and where the cabinets need to be placed.


3. Validation

We walk the mapped-out route, identifying details within the plans that need adjusting to make sure that we can build as planned.


4. Mobilisation

Here you’ll see our contractors surveying and marking up pavements and roads in your community to prepare for the build stage.


5. Build

We’re now in your community, laying the ducting and external connection points at the boundary of each property. We then blow fibre through the ducting, connecting your community to our network.

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Any questions? Check out our Community FAQs for the answers to your community queries.

Our current BDUK projects

In some areas we have partnered with Local Authorities through the Building Digital UK (BDUK) programme to extend our network to some of the hardest to reach places in the country.