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It’s as simple as this

For most customers, our installation process is carried out in two stages: Pre-installation work, and your installation day itself.


Pre-installation work

Before your installation date our full fibre engineers will visit your property to complete external works and ensure our full fibre network is ready to install. We will leave a coil of fibre cable at your external property wall, ready for your installation day. You don’t need to be at home for this work to be completed.


Installation Day

Our engineers will complete the internal installation by securing a wall box externally and a modem internally. We will activate your Gigaclear service and confirm the speed. Your full fibre journey can then begin! Note: You, or someone over the age of 18 will need to be home on your installation day.

Important information
Occasionally we may encounter an issue and therefore we cannot guarantee that the installation will be completed and your Services activated on the arranged date. Therefore, we recommend that you do not terminate your existing broadband provider until our services have been installed and activated.

Booking Your Installation
Pre-installation work
What do I need to know in preparation for my installation day?
What are the different types of installation?
What happens on my installation day?
Installations that fall outside of our standard service

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