We have historically built our network in the most rural areas of the UK.  This strategy to build to market towns, which will be undertaken on a commercial basis, will allow us to extend our existing network to reach more people in built-up areas we had previously built around, but where internet is still poor.  This process is known as “network infill”.

So far, we have announced our plans in the following market towns:

  • Braintree - around 20,000 homes and businesses in Braintree and the communities of Rayne and Great Notley
  • Ledburyover 5,000 homes and businesses in Ledbury
  • Ascot & Sunninghill - 4,300 homes and business premises in Ascot, and a further 4,400 properties in the village of Sunninghill 
  • Chipping Norton - just over 3,700 homes and business premises in the town
  • Thame & Haddenham over 6,185 homes and business premises in Thame, and a further 2,315 properties in Haddenham.
  • Corsham - around 6,400 homes and businesses in Corsham. 
  • Hungerford - 2,933 homes and business premises in Hungerford.
  • Winslow - over 2400 homes and businesses in Winslow.
  • Witham - over 9000 homes and business premises in Witham in a first phase of works.
  • Castle Cary & Bruton - just over 2,000 homes and business premises across the two towns.

Gigaclear will soon be commencing works connecting more market towns in the South West, Midlands and South East, including in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Northamptonshire, Devon, Somerset, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex and Wiltshire.

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