We have compiled some of our most Frequently Asked Questions below, in easy-to-use sections. From General Enquiries to details on how to get the best out of your ultrafast full fibre broadband connection, just click the appropriate box for plenty of helpful hints and advice.

Network In My Area

How do you decide where to locate each cabinet?

The location of each cabinet depends on a number of different factors including how many properties are being connected and the local geography. Our aim is to locate our cabinets as discretely as possible and we will always seek to engage with the Parish Council in advance to make sure local views are heard. Our Cabinets will be placed within Public Highway. In the event that we require to place the cabinet on private land, we will seek a retrospective wayleave.


What could cause the network installation dates to change?

There are multiple factors that could impact the potential or proposed timeline for a network installation. Bringing ultrafast full fibre broadband to a rural community is a major construction project and requires the participation and support of numerous stakeholders including contractors, highways authorities and landowners. The right working conditions are also dependent on the weather.

So while we can’t always predict every issue that may arise, please be assured we will do our best to let you know about potential delays as early as we can.


What happens if the network installation schedule is set to clash with a local event?

If you are concerned that our network installation will have any impact on a pre-organised event, please contact our Network Build Care Team as far in advance as possible. We will then do our best to avoid causing any disruption.

Tel: 01865 591137

Email: networkbuildcare@gigaclear.com


What is the process when you install a Gigaclear full fibre broadband network?

Reduced traffic disruption and time spent on your land – for example, we can currently install up to 800m of fibre a day compared with 60m a day via traditional trenching methods. Trenches that are 80% narrower – creating less scarring to the landscape. We are also constantly looking to introduce new installation methods to improve efficiency and reduce the time it takes along with any disruption.


When will I be notified if Gigaclear is doing work in my community?

Before we complete any work, you will receive marketing material from us which would include lots of information on the work we are completing and what to expect. We will then work with the community and Parish Councils to communicate the build progress with the residents within the community.



Where can I find information on the progress of the network installation?

We regularly update our website with the latest information on the network installation start and completion dates. In unforeseen circumstances this may not happen immediately. For more information about Gigaclear network installations in your community, please visit the 'Our Locations' section of our website.

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