We have compiled some of our most Frequently Asked Questions below, in easy-to-use sections. From General Enquiries to details on how to get the best out of your ultrafast full fibre broadband connection, just click the appropriate box for plenty of helpful hints and advice.

My Property's Connection

Can my connection point be placed in a different position?

We are sorry but this is not possible. The location for each customer connection point is carefully planned so as not to interfere with other utilities on or near your property like gas and water.


Do I have a choice of which service provider I can get my broadband from over the Gigaclear network?

Yes, you sure do. Our network is what is known as "Open Access" so any Internet Service Provider (ISP) that wishes to may provide services to residential and business users over our network. If you choose this option, your broadband contract will be between you and them. We are also happy to welcome you as a Gigaclear customer and provide you with our own ultrafast full fibre broadband service direct to your door.

A full list of these partner providers can be found on our website at gigaclear.com/our-partners


How do I arrange an in-home installation?

You will need to wait until the connection point at the boundary of your property is ready for service. We will notify you of this. Your chosen ISP will then be able to give you more information about installation services, any possible costs and a timescale for connection.


When will my connection point be ready for service?

Due to the complex nature of the network installation, we are not able to provide specific dates for individual connection points. But we will always aim to keep you updated throughout the entire network installation process.

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Can I Get Gigaclear?

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