We have compiled some of our most Frequently Asked Questions below, in easy-to-use sections. From General Enquiries to details on how to get the best out of your ultrafast full fibre broadband connection, just click the appropriate box for plenty of helpful hints and advice.

Community Hub

Do you have examples of how other communities have used your free service?

We have some case studies on our website here.


How do we apply?

Use our postcode checker above to check if we have a connection point allocated to your chosen property. If we do, download the application form and, once completed, send it to communityhub@gigaclear.com for it to be reviewed by our Community Engagement team for eligibility.


How does the renewal process work?

You will be contacted nine months into the free service term to review how the service has been used and any benefits it has provided to the community. This will be in the form of an online survey which will need to be completed and submitted by month ten of the free service. We will then review the renewal survey and send you confirmation of the renewal decision by month eleven of the free service term.


How long does it take Gigaclear to install the village hub service?

After we complete the free service agreement we will contact you with an installation date. The installation is usually completed within 4 weeks of placing the order.


How long does the free service period last?

12 months subject to annual reviews for extension.


How long has Gigaclear been providing free connections to communities?

We have been working with hubs to provide a free service to communities since Gigaclear started in 2010.


How many free connections do you provide per community?

We provide one free connection per build area, (our build areas sometimes cover more than one community / parish).


How much does it cost the parish council / community?

Gigaclear will cover the cost of a standard installation and will supply you with a Gigaclear powered by Linksys router; you can find more details on standard and nonstandard installations here (https://www.gigaclear.com/installation). There are no monthly fees.


I have more questions about the community hub scheme, how do I contact Gigaclear?

What does Gigaclear expect in return?

As part of the agreement the hub agrees to allow Gigaclear to hire the space a maximum of four times a year free of charge for community events such as cinema nights, digital skills workshops, etc. We will consult with the hub’s administration / management regarding date availability for these events. Additionally, we will work with the hub’s administration to promote the free service through display material on-site and via the hub’s online content where applicable.


What happens if Gigaclear does not extend the 12-month contract?

If this were to happen the service would either be disconnected or you could buy one of our service packages.


What locations can be considered for free connections?

We will consider any location with an existing or planned Gigaclear connection point where members of the community get together. This could be the village hall, community centre, shop, pub, library, local school, or sports centre etc.


What service will we receive?

You will have access to our top tier business package with the fastest speeds on our network, 900mbps, and be provided with our Gigaclear powered by Linksys routers.


When is the commitment made to Gigaclear to take the free service?

When we receive the signed contract.


When will I receive a response to my application?

We aim to respond within ten working days of receiving your application.


Why does Gigaclear provide a free connection?

As part of our mission to provide rural communities with outstanding connectivity we provide one free connection per network build area to enable local events, community learning projects and to demonstrate our service.


Can I get Gigaclear?

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