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Working from home in one click

That all changed when Gigaclear arrived, ‘like Robin Hood coming in to save the day’, according to Richard. In October 2019 he requested a Gigaclear connection and just two days later he was set up and has never looked back. Historical issues like his children ‘chomping through data’ were a thing of the past, and the reliability Richard needed for work was now ever-present.

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the country, and the rest of the world, creating a huge amount of uncertainty around jobs, and panic about working practices. One thing Richard is certain of is that he wouldn’t have been able to continue operating from home as successfully as he has if he didn’t have a Gigaclear connection.

“It’s the reliability that gives me the greatest comfort. Previously I had been nervous to do any video calls, or anything that involved too much of a reliance on my broadband. It had let me down before, and I didn’t want to put myself in that position again if I could help it. When coronavirus forced us to work from home, and change the way we as a business operated, I was so pleased to have a Gigaclear connection. These same worries I had before are now gone, and I can work as effectively from home as I can from the office, which given the economic situation and the health benefits, is vital.”         

Richard is now able to host his morning Zoom call with his team, jump on Teams to liaise with clients, and access the business’ internal system, all from the comfort of his home, without any troublesome connection issues or buffering. One click, two seconds and he is in and ready to go.

It is not just Richard’s working life that has been ‘transformed’, but also his family life too. With his previous internet he was paying for 50mbps but only receiving 22mbps, which for him was poor from a financial sense, but also not enough speed for him to be on his emails whilst his children were trying to stream videos and music in their rooms.  It was also unreliable.

“I can’t remember how many discussions we had as a family about the internet being down again, but it was too many. We could barely do one activity, let alone have two devices competing for the same bandwidth.”

Since taking on a 300mpbs connection through Gigaclear, Richard and his family are sitting very happily at home. The children are able to do their homework and the relevant research that comes with it, they can play Minecraft online, spend time on YouTube and Instagram, whilst Richard and his wife can download music and stream movies, all at the same time.

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