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John has been living with his family in a relatively isolated house outside the village of Eydon in South Northamptonshire for the last 10 years. For nearly all this time, John’s internet was slow and unreliable, dropping out all too frequently. This seriously disrupted the HR Technology consultancy business he ran from home, as it made video conferencing and file transferring impossible, and even made simple tasks like checking emails a frustrating chore.

It was only last year when John connected to Gigaclear’s ultrafast broadband, that his years of frustrations owing to an unusable and unreliable internet connection came to an end. Thanks to Gigaclear, John now has the ability to run his business much more productively than was possible before.

“Over the years I’ve been connected with different internet providers including satellite broadband which was expensive and unreliable”, explains John. “It’s only now that Gigaclear has laid fibre to my house that I can work from home without having to worry about internet problems.”

Despite having clients all across the UK, John’s previously terrible internet connection meant he was forced to update his clients face-to-face, meeting them as far away as Belfast up to twice a month. Now, with Gigaclear’s ultrafast broadband, this huge drain on John’s time and money has been replaced with video conferencing. He has also reduced his carbon footprint now that he doesn’t need to travel as much.

Gigaclear’s internet also enables John to collaborate with his clients using online documents and remote workshops. John explains: “This previously was not possible to do but now my clients save time and money by engaging more online.

“I was plagued by inadequate internet for so many years and I am so grateful to Gigaclear for changing this; its internet is fast and reliable. I haven’t experienced a single instance of unplanned downtime since connecting last year. I am a very happy customer.”

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