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Will has lived in the village of Birchanger, Essex, for over 35 years. Before connecting to Gigaclear his broadband was plagued with constant breakdowns, a source of immense frustration also shared by his neighbours. Now, connection to ultrafast broadband has provided Will with uninterrupted access to the online services that he cherishes.  

“The service provided by my previous broadband provider was so poor that I was unable to engage properly with the things I love doing most online”, explains Will. “With much of my family based overseas, including my sister in Sydney, I particularly value being able to use Skype to stay in touch.” Will’s previous supply of broadband failed to deliver upload speeds above 1Mbps, meaning high-definition video calling was out of the question. Instead, when using Skype, Will’s experience was ruined with constant interferences and time lag. Keeping in touch with family in different parts of the world is hard enough when coordinating busy schedules and conflicting time zones, but it was made impossible by the appallingly slow and inconsistent network speeds. Will concluded that enabling a good, accurate and well-defined picture would improve his and his family’s experience enormously and was a vital part of being able to stay in touch effectively. “For this reason, I knew I had to change my broadband supplier to a source of faster and more reliable internet.”

Since connecting to Gigaclear’s GO 30 home broadband package, which delivers average speeds of 30Mbps, Will has been able to enjoy a seamless online experience. “As soon as Essex County Council made me aware that Gigaclear was laying fibre optic cable in my area, I made the decision to connect with them and I’m so glad I did, it really has made a difference to my everyday life.”

In addition to the quality of his new broadband connection, Will was delighted with the end-to-end process from when Gigaclear began building in Birchanger through to the final installation. “Gigaclear’s contractors worked quickly, cleanly and did a fantastic job”, explains Will. He was also impressed with how accommodating Gigaclear’s engineers were. “They were completely flexible when liaising a time with me to connect everything up at my house – all communication was clear and concise, and all work was completed in one visit.”

“I can only endorse the work that Gigaclear has done and the service that it has delivered. Connecting with Gigaclear has been a completely hassle-free process and I would recommend its broadband to anyone plagued, like I was, by a poor internet connection.”

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