If it’s not a Christmas film, then it’s undoubtedly a film that takes place at Christmas, which is why Die Hard is worth watching now. You can catch it on Disney+, which is also home to Hawkeye, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first foray into a Christmas story.

Disney+ has a real treat: The Muppet Christmas Carol, the most inventive take of Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, plus it has some of the best songs ever.

If you’re more a traditionalist, then the place to be is Sky or its streaming service NOW. With possibly the largest selection of quality Christmas movies, you’ll find Elf, with Will Ferrell playing the oversized titular character. Scrooged is a modern take on A Christmas Carol, with Bill Murray in fine cantankerous form.

There’s a new Sky Original: A Boy Called Christmas. It’s like a superhero origin story, only it’s all about Father Christmas as a young boy.

Netflix is the place to be for Love Actually, a heartwarming mix of intertwining stories and, quite rightly, now considered something of a classic. The streaming service also has its own films. The Christmas Chronicles (1 and 2) are a couple of feel-good movies, with Kurt Russell in fine form as Father Christmas.

Amazon Prime Video doesn’t have quite the same range to watch for subscribers, with Nativity probably the most well-known. It does have some classics to rent cheaply, though. It’s a Wonderful Life is relentlessly miserable for the majority of its run time, before that amazing end makes everything better.

And then there’s the Alastair Sim-staring Scrooge from 1951. Has there been a better actor to play the character? We don’t think so, but watch this and compare Sim to the other scrooges on the list to make your mind up.

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