The most important device in any modern home is the router, as it’s the gateway between you and a world of possible threats. Luckily, your Gigaclear router is packed with clever security protocols but you can also stop individual devices from going online at certain times, and even block specific websites completely by using the Linksys app on your phone. 

In addition, one of the best things you can do on your computer is use a password manager to create and store strong unique passwords. It’ll mean that if a service is hacked, which is something that can happen  regularly, hackers won’t be able to use that password to access  your other accounts online. Our favourite password manager is Bitwarden, because it’s free, easy to use, and works across mobiles, tablets and computers. You can also  enter your details into – this website trawls the net to see if and where your passwords have been leaked so you can update any affected profiles. 

Another good practise is to enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on every device and service you can, including social networks like Facebook and Twitter and platforms such as Google and Microsoft. 2FA means you’ll sometimes be asked for a unique six-digit code when logging in, just to make sure it’s you. Our favourite 2FA app is Authy, as it installs and syncs across mobile, tablet and computers, and is completely free.

Most computers now come with Virus and Threat protection built in and enabled automatically, but it’s worth checking your settings to be sure. If you are hit with a virus, having a backup plan can be a serious blessing to get you back up and running. We love the Synology DS120j network drive, which you can use to make a daily backup on both Windows and Mac. For an extra level of security, the Synology will then also backup online to Microsoft, Google or Dropbox, so whatever happens, your important data is always safe.

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