Santa may be busier than anyone at the moment, but he still makes time to send Season's Greetings from the North Pole. The lovely website Portable North Pole allows you to create greetings starring Santa, his Elves, and even the reindeers, with different themed videos for kids, teenagers and adults. Alternatively, kids can write to Santa at Email Santa, telling them how good they’ve been and what they want for Christmas, and he’ll email back with a personalised response.

If your kids want to discover how Santa delivers presents to billions of kids in one night, then NORAD’s YouTube channel explains how they use a combination of radar, fighter jets and satellites to follow his progress on December 24th. You can also visit their virtual Santa Village to find out exactly where Santa lives, how old he is and how fast he and Rudolph have to go on Christmas Eve by playing games, watching films and reading books.

Speaking of Christmas Eve, you can learn what kids around the world leave out for Santa and Rudolph on Taste of Home, including rice pudding in Denmark and an ice cold beer in Australia. Then track Santa yourself by downloading NORAD’s official app on iOS, or using Google’s excellent Santa hub at on other platforms. Santa may travel at 3,000 times the speed of sound, but that’s no match for the lightning speed of your Gigaclear broadband!

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